Submit your results

Submission of results files must be done by uploading to the sftp server below. Please contact when you wish to submit your results and you will be given a unique username and password which will work on the server.

Please note that your submission must be written in MetaImage format (mhd+raw file). This format consists of a text file ending in .mhd which contains ASCII header information and a binary file ending in .raw that contains the voxel data. ITK supports this format. For more information see this page.
As manual segmentations have been performed on T2-weighted scans, the submitted segmentations need to be in the coordinate system of these images. Please also check if the correct voxel spacing is included in your files.

Segmented tissue needs to be labeled as follows:

  • (0) backgroud
  • (1) cortical grey matter
  • (2) basal ganglia and thalami
  • (3) unmyelinated white matter
  • (4) myelinated white matter
  • (5) brainstem
  • (6) cerebellum
  • (7) ventricles
  • (8) cerebrospinal fluid in the extracerebral space

If your method segments combined tissue types (3 + 4 or 7 + 8), you can label them as either of these two tissue types, i.e. 3 or 4 for unmyelinated and myelinated white matter, and 7 or 8 for ventricular and extracerebral cerebrospinal fluid.

Server Details

Server Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Server Protocol: SFTP
Server hostname: